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Siam Siddique
Frogs World Owner Siam Siddique

Hello all people., my name is Siam Siddique. I am the proud owner of Frogs World – your one-stop resource for learning about frogs and providing the best care for your amphibious pets.

As a lifelong frog enthusiast, I have cared for and studied frogs for over 10 years. My passion began in childhood, when I spent hours by our local ponds observing the dancing and jumping antics of frogs on lily pads. This inspires me to share my knowledge and ensure pet frogs everywhere live long, happy lives.

Frogs World has a comprehensive collection of frog species guides, care sheets, habitat ideas, product recommendations, and more. I and other expert herpetologists write everything in simple, easy-to-understand language.

We also feature a lively weekly blog with the latest news, emerging research, and fun frog facts. Our engaging posts will spark your curiosity about these fascinating amphibians.

In addition, you can browse our frog art gallery for unique decor, clothing, and gifts featuring your favorite slimy friends. A portion of sales supports wetland conservation efforts.

Whether you have pet frogs or love learning about our green, hopping neighbors, Frogs World will take your enthusiasm to new levels. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. I look forward to welcoming you into our global frog community!